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Sanders are the best, quickest, and easiest way to smooth surface. They have the abilities, to convert, the most tedious tasks, into something more pleasant.

3 Best Sanders in the Business

If you ask an average homeowner, what their favorite past-time DIY activity is, chances are whole lot slim that they’ll mention sanding. I should not come as a surprise though, owing to the fact that sanding is no more popular nowadays, moreover, many people, instead of using advanced technologies, such as electronic power sanders are,…

Angle Grinders: Uses, Tips and, Tricks

What are Angle Grinders? An angle grinder is a handheld power tool, which is usually used for cutting, grinding and polishing. Also known as side or disc grinder, it can be powered in three ways- through petrol engine, compressed air or, an electric motor. Normal angle grinder components include an abrasive disc, side handle, adjustable guard, and geared head. The geared…


Era of Cutting Tools

Manufacturing is an ages old topic, spanning the entire history of modern man & Cutting Process is recurring theme in man’s & Automatic manufacturing techniques. What is cutting Process:- Separating materials is done by physically breaking bonds, or more recently by Melting by using Cutting Tools. Cutting techniques have found particular favor with sheets of material,…