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See Clearer, Drive Safer with Rain Repellent

The rainy season may give your wiper blades a hard time and making it harder for everyone to drive. Although you cannot prevent your car from getting wet, but rain repellents can provide you improved vision clarity while driving.

So, what are Water Repellents?

Water repellent is a protective coat that possesses properties to repel water from windows, windshields, and mirrors. Resisting the penetration of water on your windshield at some level. Hence making it hydrophobic.

The purpose of the product is to enhance visibility while you are driving in foul weather like rain and snow. It can apply this product on the front and rear windshield, windows, and mirrors so that the hard water stains and dirt water can easily roll off the glasses to maintain visibility. 

How to use Rain repellents?

We recommend you to follow the instructions mentioned on the product while using it.

However, it is very easy to apply the wax on your windshield and side mirrors to clear the obstruction of your vision.

Before using the rain repellent wax, make sure:

  • To clean your windshield properly before applying the repellent.
  • Make sure the cleaner has evaporated, and the windshield is dry before applying the repellent.
  • Use a microfiber cloth to apply the repellent on the windshield
  • After applying wax, wipe the microfiber cloth in a circular motion to every corner.
  • Allow the wax to dry for some hours, as per the brand recommendations.
  • then wipe the glass with water and clean it with a microfiber towel.
  • Clean your wiper blade to ensure there is no rust or particles sticking to it that may affect the coat and your visibility

How Long Does Rain Repellent last?

Every coat of rain repellent on your cars will last up to 60 days before it needs reapplying. Mostly it depends on the level of rain and hours of driving you to do.

You may notice the time when you need to apply the next coat when water on the windshield will start rolling off at a slow pace.

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