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Things to Consider When Buying Weighing Scales

Weight or weighing scales are used for measuring the weight of an object or person accurately. It is used by manufacturers, sellers, retailers, shop owners and in homes. There are different kinds of weighing scales based on capacity, model, and price. It can measure weight from some micrograms to many kilograms.

Today, everybody has moved from analog to digital weighing scales to have an accurate measurement. Let’s understand the types of weight machines.

Types of weighing scales

There are kitchen scale, bench scale, floor scale, bagging scale, industrial scale etc. These are used to weigh heavy objects. Let’s understand these in detail.

Kitchen weighing scale: There are different kinds of kitchen weighing scale but the most preferred one being the portable scale. From store owners to homemakers, this digital scale is used by all. It is majorly used on meat shops. Another multipurpose digital weighing scale with a pan over it is used mostly in grocery or vegetable and fruit shops.

Luggage weight scale: It has a hook at the bottom to hang the object/mass, digital display to show the weight and a handle at the top to hold the machine. This handy weight machine is a portable and efficient tool for frequent travelers.

Floor/platform scale: It is the most preferred weight machine in industries. Small and medium business owners use it to weigh raw materials of different kinds. Famers also use it to weigh their farm animals and crop weight. Generally, the platform is supported with wheels below and digital meter to display the weight.

Shipping scales: These are very specific weighing machines used to measure the things shipped via different modes. Shipping balances are used by various shipping companies using airline and waterways.

Bodyweight weighing scale: Bathroom or body weight scales are a famous type of weight machines used at home or hospitals. New style, size, and designs are available in this category.

In addition to above-mentioned weighing scales, there are talking scales where a voice will speak out the weight. These are specially created for visually impaired or blind.

Things to consider when buying a weighing scale

Requirement: The first thing to consider is the application or use of weighing scale. You must know where the machine needs to be placed and for what purpose, such as in kitchen, gym, school/university, hospitals or labs, grocery store, manufacturing or shipping industry, etc.

Capacity: Depending on the use of the weight machine, you must select its capacity. If you need to measure a maximum weight of 15kg, then buying a weighing scale of 50kg is of no use.

Accuracy:  Level of precision or readability is another factor to consider. Every application allows for some range of readability that ensures accuracy.

Size: In the case of floor or platform weight machine, it is necessary to check the size of the pan. Placement of machine, area of objects to be measured, etc. are factors that affect the size.


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