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5 things to look out, While Choosing the right sanitizer

Hand sanitizers have become a necessity all over the world. It is very important to choose the right one for your hand hygiene routine as there is plenty of foul sanitizers available in the market. To make the right choice, You need to be aware of the ingredients, percentage of alcohol, expiry date, and the brand of the sanitizer you are buying.

Here are some tips you need to remember while choosing and using a hand sanitizer.

1. Use it in a precise way

Before applying hand sanitizer, ensure your hands are not greasy or dirty, apply some drops on one hand and rub it properly with another until it dries off.

2. Know the sanitizer type


Isopropyl and Ethanol are both powerful yet ethanol is proven to be more effective and capable to destroy more germs than isopropyl.

Non-alcohol based

these sanitizers contain quaternary ammonium compounds like benzalkonium chloride, yet these are less effective than alcohol-based sanitizers.

3. Know the percentage of alcohol

The alcohol percentage is another important factor to consider as the hand sanitizers consisting more than 70-80 percent are considered more powerful and effective. 

4. Look for the ingredients and features

Read the back of the product to know about the ingredients and features of the hand sanitizer as some come with scented liquid form, aloe can be a good ingredient for smoothing of skin hands.

For features pick the one which is non-sticky and quick-drying also safe and gentle for your skin.

5. Select a trusted brand

As there are a variety of brands available. You should choose the one most trusted in the market, to ensure the potency of the product.

Still looking to choose the right brand for hand sanitizers, At Moglix, we have a variety of trusted brands to choose from like Oriley, lifebuoy, and Resist Plus.

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