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Centrifugal water pump

Water Pumping Solution – Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps rule the charts when it comes to water pumps. Its centrifugal force rotates the impeller, making the liquid/water leave the vanes with a much greater velocity. The water keeps entering from the source and impeller keeps pushing it through the pipes to the overhead tank or any water storage tank. Its partial vacuum does not allow air to enter and cause obstruction in the pumping of water.

For proper functioning of centrifugal pumps, it is necessary to check

  • Placement of pump: For good suction, the pump must be placed below the water/fluid inlet level.
  • Viscosity: Liquid being pumped should be of low viscosity as a high liquid shear is generated on pumping.
  • Temperature and pressure: Depending on the water/liquid temperature, pressure retaining casing and gaskets need to be installed.
  • Vapour pressure: Determination of vapour pressure is necessary to avoid cavitation (formation of bubbles) or drying up.

Advantages of centrifugal pumps

There are various benefits of this pump that cannot be offered by other water pumps. Listed below are some of the major advantages of having a centrifugal pump.

  • Creates good pressure for outflow of liquid and offers continuous performance
  • Requires less storage space and setup cost
  • Works well with liquid of medium to low viscosity
  • Easy to maintain and does not have frequent issues like corrosion, leakage, overheating, cavitation, etc.
  • Throttle delivery value according to the pressure and water flow rates
  • Easily placed in horizontal or vertically manner

Where is centrifugal pump being used?

Centrifugal pump finds its usage in both commercial and industrial sector.

Irrigation industry: Huge amount of water needs to be pumped and supplied to crops grown in a large area of land and centrifugal pumps do it the best.

Mining industry: Known as a froth pump, it helps in the processing of minerals and transport slurries and fluids containing solid that’s accumulated during the mining process.

Desalination plants: These pumps transports solid-containing seawater efficiently making them highly popular in high-capacity water desalination plants

In addition to the above-mentioned industries, centrifugal pumps are also used in petrochemical plants, chemical and food industries, pharmaceutical, food production, etc. It is also a popular choice in houses and building.

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