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corporate gifting ideas for employees

Diwali Corporate Gifts for Employees and Clients

The delight and excitement can be felt in the air of this festive season where Diwali will be soon knocking the doors. Diwali is an occasion that is celebrated across the country by exchanging gifts and wishes. And, the gifting is no more limited to friends and family but has entered the corporate world as well.

As a business owner, corporate gifting is a way to gratify your employees for their year-round dedication and hard work towards your company. This strengthens employee–employer bonds. So, to establish a long-term relationship with your employees here is a corporate gifting guide that brings for you the corporate gift idea and things to consider when shopping for the same.

Corporate gifting ideas


Stationery is one of the imperative requirements in every office. Further, an organized desk spreads positivity and productivity. This can include pens, diaries, desk organizers, calendars and more.


Laptop or casual backpack is another great gift for your employees. These can be used as travel bag by employees or their families. In case of laptop bags make sure you gift impact proof bags as laptops are a fragile electronic.

Apparel & accessories

You can gift accessories like wallets, cufflinks, travel pouch and casual apparel as well. These things always find their use in everyone’s life. Here it is necessary to see that products being gifted are of good quality and with good designs that can be worn anywhere.


Electronic gadgets are an amazing gift that will delight every employee.  Items such as power banks, hard disks, pen drives are used regularly and no one ever has enough of them. These make an individual’s life quite easy. In the corporate world, everyone turns out to be tech-savvy, thus making electronics an exceptional gift option.

Things to consider

Whether you are planning a gift for your employees or clients, there are some things to consider before finalizing everything

  • Think of utility and emotion when you decide on a gift. It should not be a tick mark activity or just for namesake. Employees wait for this day for a year and expect to receive something useful.
  • Wrap the gift beautifully with the name of the receiver on it. It should look like a present. For clients, try to add elegance to your gift wrapping.
  • Be specific of what gift is the best for whom. It is totally understood that everyone cannot be presented a different thing but you can create segments based on gender, department, etc.
  • Think of emotion and present personalized gifts with employees, clients or business name/initials imprinted on the gift item. This will make them feel special and important for you.
  • Consider budget but do not compromise on the quality of the product being gifted. Else, you will only get negative reviews from your employees.

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