Getting started with your garden can be a difficult task but with today’s modern tools and gadgets, the work can be done with lesser inputs and better outcomes.

At Moglix, it could be easy for you to buy gardening tools, besides It takes a lot of space and money to maintain your garden. However, focusing on the basic and essential tools can help saving you a lot of storage area as well being economical to your pocket.

Here are some of the basic yet essential tools that can help you start building your garden.

  1. Gloves – Wearing gloves can keep your hands safe from several infections and harmful chemicals as well protecting your skin from cuts and scrapes to avoid blisters and calluses, at the same time keeping your hands clean and dry.
  • Gloves should be lightweight to ease the handling of seeds and stems.
  • Must be made of durable materials and should be water-resistant.
  • Gloves must fit perfectly to avoid slipping.
  • Cuffs should be longer to even protect your wrists and forearms.

Wolf Garten Bed Hand Gloves on Moglix with Ultra-Sensitive Fingertips, Breathable Backs of the Gloves to Reduce Sweating and Highly Abrasion Resistant & Long-Lasting. 

2. Secateurs or Pruning Shears Propose of this tool is focused to cut the dead and damaged stems so that the plant does not attract insects and improving the plant’s lifespan.

  • Anvil secateurs are ideal for removing dead stems and branches smaller than 1 inch.
  • Ratchet Secateurs are similar to anvil but gives you more leverage on wrist strains.
  • Bypass secateurs are ideal for cutting stems and bushes on a live plant for cleaner cuts.

Wolf Garten Promo Bypass Shear Card, RR-EN-Card on Moglix With Power Anvil for Easy Cutting. One-Hand Locking & for Right- & Left-Handed Use.


  • Loppers or hand pruners– These are same as Secateurs just with long handles preferred on big woods. Knowing when to use a lopper can save a lot of time as loppers will let you cut anything that fits between the blades.
  • Bypass loppers are more precise to chop live plants than the anvil lopper.
  • Anvils are used for chopping dead stems and branches.
  • Not to be used on small woods due to lack of precision. 
  • Clean the lopper to avoid rust and air moisture.
  • Keep the loppers blade sharp.

Wolf Garten Comfort Plus 750mm Bypass Lopper on Moglix, with RR-750 Bypass Blade & Anodized Shafts. Flat-Screwed Joints & Replaceable Wear Parts. Precise Adjustment of Blade Pre-Tension & Ergonomic Handles with Soft Inserts. Up to 3 Times Higher Force Transmission & Innovative Cutting Head Technology.

  • Hand trowel– a small handheld shovel is used to dig small holes to install small plants or digging up weeds, considering a hand trowel for planting a tree will take a lot of time and effort.
  • Scoop trowels are used for scooping shallow-rooted seeds.
  • Planting trowels have bladed edges for ease in digging and planting.
  • Weeding trowels are narrow shaped to reach the weed in tight spaces.
  • Keep the trowels clean to ensure long term use.

Wolf Garten 5cm Planting Trowel on Moglix, LU-2P Handle Prevents Blisters on the Fingers. Planting & Transplanting Even in Heavy Soils.


  • Spades– A short sized handle of about 5 feet mostly used for digging, shifting deep holes, and planting vegetables and flowers, spades are considered one of the most important yet pricey tools.
  • Spades can be for with shorter or longer handle as per your required needs.
  • Select the one with a good grip to avoid injuries.
  • Wood handles are more likely to absorb shock and vibration.
  • Wear durable pair of shoes while working with a spade.

Wolf Garten 123cm Steel Handle Spade, AS-D on Moglix with Ergonomic D-Grip. Non-Slip Surface for Comfortable Handling.


  • Rake– this tool is mostly used for clearing leaves from the lawn and spreading, breaking, and turning soil also the smooth side is commonly used for leveling up the material.
  • Adjustable lawn rakes can be used at both large and narrow areas
  • tines should be made of steel so it does not bend.

Wolf Garten 38-58cm Steel Adjustable Lawn Rake, UC-M on Moglix, Rec. Handle Zm 140. To Clean, Both Large & Narrow Areas & Simply Adjust the Rake.


  • Garden hose– it’s a must have product for every garden. It doesn’t matter what kind of garden you have, spraying water at every area of your garden is essential.
  • Look for a sturdy and long hose to cover your whole garden.

These suggested tools can help you get started to set up your garden, further if you come upon the needs of new tools search for and get an original product with the top line build quality at the best prices on top brands like wolfgarten, Falcon, and KissanKraft.

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