Blog focuses on the quantifiable impact of packaging in Operations Management in an entire supply chain. Packaging system is imperative in a supply chain.

Impact of Packaging in Operations Management Along a Supply Chain

The article focuses on the quantifiable impact of packaging in Operations Management along an entire supply chain. The product packaging system is imperative in the supply chain, and its viability is increasing because of a profound requirement to minimize costs, reduce the environmental impact, and largely pertaining to the development of web operations.

A typical supply chain can be deemed as an end-to-end process, operating with a paramount objective of production, transportation, and distribution of products. It is relative to the products’ movements sequentially from the supplier to the manufacturer, distributor, retailer and finally the end consumer.

All products moved are enclosed in packages and for this very reason the analysis of the physical logistics becomes imperative, moreover the role of packaging has got many companies mulling over, in order to outline the definition and design of manufacturing processes, improvement of layout and increase in companies’ efficiency.

Recently, organisations have realized that packaging is indeed a critical issue, and it is important to assess the characteristics of packages, for instance their shape, materials they contain and the means of transportation. All of this to enhance the productivity of businesses, by drastically reducing costs.

Packaging Concerns All Activities of a Company- 

From the purchasing of raw materials to the production and sale of finished products, and during transport and distribution.

In order to accomplish the activities directly linked with the manufacturing of products and consequently with the packaging system, the OM discipline is defined. It is responsible for collecting various inputs and converting them into desired outputs through operations. Recently, more and more organisations are getting acquainted to web operations.

Electronic commerce or what is generally known as, e-commerce is the most promising application of information technology witnessed in recent years.  It is revolutionizing supply chain management and has enormous potential for manufacturing, retail and service operations.

The Role of Packaging Changes with The Increase in the Use of E-commerce

From the traditional “shop window” it has become a means of information and containment of products.

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