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Looking for a new office or thinking to shift from the old one?

Here is all that you need to set up a good office.

Setting up a good office is like setting up a new house, even more stressful! There are several things you have to plan and take care of. 

If you are planning to get a new office, shift from the old one or expanding your business to a new branch. There are several things you have to consider.

We will help you out through the way to get your job done without any hassle and grind. Here is an office checklist to cover up all the essentials that you require to set up a good office.

Office Checklist-

If you are shifting to a new office or planning for a more established office you might need more advanced equipment and systems. We have made a checklist for you to guide your way.

#1 Layout of the office-

The layout of the office depends on the size and number of employees of your organization. The first and foremost step of consideration is the type of layout you want for your office.

If you have a large business you need to take care of employees’ work habits and your business needs. The key is to know that how your department works, what are the frequently required equipment and how much workspace you have.

#2 Furnishing –

After knowing the layout of the office you need office furniture. 

Firstly there are the basic furniture needs that every office has. They are-

Chairs – You need to have comfortable chairs. As it affects the health and comfort of your employees. There are many types of chairs like ergonomic chairs, executive chairs, mesh chairs, etc for your business needs. So set a budget and get the right chairs for your office.

Tables –   Desk is another word for your sitting space in the office. You have to give every employee the comfort of their chair and table/ desk for working in an office. There is a variety of shapes, types, and sizes of tables to choose from, as per your requirements.

Storage – An additional piece of furniture to keep the stationery and belongings should be added under the desk. Extra storage cabinets should be fitted according to the equipment and stationery of the office.

Additional areas-

Pantry or break areas- there should be additional areas where the employees can sit, relax or have their food. This should have chairs, tables, stools, sofas, and other furniture and decor accessories as per the scale of your business. This makes the employees feel motivated and welcomed in the office.

Waiting or visitors room- This space is for the visitors like suppliers, partners, or other people who come to meet or visit your office. Chairs or sofas can be set in this room or maybe a conference table for meetings.

Conference room – There are conference rooms for meetings and discussions which usually have round tables for equal discussion. These also have other equipment like projectors for presentations and side tables or other furniture decors.

#3 Office Equipments –

Here we are talking about the electronics and connected devices that you need for day-to-day work and communication in your office premises.

  • Computer/laptops/desktops – all office needs systems to run their daily welfares these days. It depends on the type and scale of your business that what kind of systems are you looking for your employees, depending on the need and budget.
  • Computer software software and applications of the systems are also required to conduct the work of your office.
  • Printers according to your needs and budget you can opt for different types of printers available in the market. You can go for all in ones or you can set up different printers as per your needs and works.
  • Internet proper internet connections in the office are an important part of the functioning. There are several types of connections and systems that you can choose depending on the size of your office.
  • Phones or extensions – Every office needs communication. It depends on the type of operations your office performs that what communication system should you adopt. Landlines or phones are important. 
  • Email – these are key tools for communication in every business. It is important to set up the email service or secured domain for emails for your business. 
  • Office machines – there are so many office machines available for all kinds of works and needs. Many offices like to keep shredders for paper waste. Whereas some may require barcode scanners, currency counting, laminating, fax machines, and many more in the office.

#4 Stationery

The most important and evergreen part of the office – stationery. You need to prepare the whole list of quality, quantity, and type of stationery required for the employees in the office. From files, papers, business cards, envelopes, notebooks, file organizers, computer supplies to office basics like staplers, calculators, stamps, etc everything should be filled up in your office.

#5 Audio and video –

Every office needs some sort of speakers for voice operational commands or emergencies or several activities. 

Projectors are vital to present the data via presentations.

#5 Security-

It is very important to ensure the full safety and security of the employees. Also, it is important to keep an eye on the working environment of the office. Hence it is an important and necessary part to install the security system in your office. 

  • Safes these should be kept for confidential documents or items.
  • Access control system- these days most of the offices are opting for these electrical access control systems to ensure full safety and control as for who moves in and out of the office area.
  • Cctv cameras the most important part of safety and security is the CCTV system. It is vital to keep an eye on what is going on in the premises and also to have recorded in case of any mishappening in the office. 
  • Safety alarms – always safe than sorry. Your office should have a safety alarm in case anything goes wrong, the employees should be warned and kept safe.

#6 cleaning and housekeeping-

The most basic and yet necessary part of the office is the hygiene and needs of the employees. The office environment should be clean. It should have proper maintenance and cleanliness. Proper housekeeping and cleaning equipment should be kept in stock for the daily hygiene of the office.

Are you thinking to shift or looking for a new office?

We have already given you the checklist all you need is a one-stop solution where you can get all this equipment in a single place with a single click. Check out www.moglix.com where you can find all your office needs in one place. Get a set check for your office today!

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