Office security

5 Tips to Improve Your Office Security

There are various components that affect workspace productivity and security is one of them. From vital information to employees and assets, safety is required for all. Office supplies and office security are two things that keep the workers motivated to work and deliver great results. To avoid any data and security breach, you must have these 5 practices implemented in your office building.

Biometric device

An office is a place where people keeping coming in and out the entire day. In such a scenario, it gets easy for robbers and hackers to commit criminal activities. So, along with identification cards, it is necessary to have biometric machines at the office doors. This will have multiple benefits, such as allowing only employees to enter in the office (for outsider will not be able to enter without permission), tracking employees’ attendance, monitoring the ins and outs of employees (too much of irregularity can be highlighted). This won’t allow any outsider to accomplish any robbery or breach. Instead of card access, go for fingerprint biometric system to avoid any case of forgery.

Video surveillance

It is like an eye watching from the sky. Install CCTV cameras in your office and monitor every movement in the office. There will be increased security for your office, employees, office supplies, etc. This will make employees feel secure about their belongings from getting stolen. You can even sort out issues between co-workers. Make sure to set up CCTV cameras at different locations inside and outside the office in the aisle, parking area, cafeteria, etc. So, there won’t be any robbery issues and employees will have a sense of security anywhere in the office premises. Don’t forget to get good lights installed for better camera clarity. Get everything installed by professionals and align someone for regular monitoring of CCTV footage.

System protection

In every office, there is crucial data on every system that floats within the employees via the Internet. To protect information, it gets important to have an online security system. For this, you should get antiviruses installed on every system. It will offer firewall protection and keep valuable information safe. It is necessary to keep software updated for the best performance. Ask your IT team to inform all employees about the on-going internet scams and how to stay protected. In case of any data breach, take immediate action to recover your vital data.

Password protected safes

Although we live in a digital world where all conversations happen online, still there are numerous physical copies of documents that are confidential. Such vital information about business needs to be secured not just from outsiders but also from employees who are not involved in business communications. Anyone can anytime take advantage of these and cause harm to your business. So, go for password protected electronic safes. You can safely store important documents, keys, insurance policies, money, etc. These are fire resistant and of durable material. Keep changing the password for security reasons. You can have multiple safes with different passwords.

Sensors and alarms

Last but not least is to have sensors installed in your office. This is majorly for your employees’ safety. An office must have smoke or gas sensors as there are numerous machines that can short-circuit and cause damage to the office and its employees. These sensors help detect any gas leakage, smoke and run the alarm for everyone to move out or get a safe place. There are motion detectors sensors as well. Security alarms and sensors need to be placed by professionals at the wall ceilings. And, the single sensor won’t work until it is a small space. Do have a sensor in your office cafeteria.

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