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DIY Hand Tools Your Workshop Must Have

There is an ancient proverb that says: “anything worth doing is worth doing right”. An upshot of the statement is that in order to execute your job right, you need to boast of the right set of tools. The hand tools in your workshop’s treasure chest mostly revolve around your own expertise and, level of experience. Therefore, we’ve curated a small list of some additional hand tools that should be, if not, present in your work shop tool box.


Hammers not to mention are the most significant hand tools; they find application in a wide array of tasks, from driving nails to that plank of wood, or expunging out some from those old rusted steel boards. They are available in a variety of styles and shapes, even in different weights depending how they’ll used. Commonly used hammers include club hammers, claw hammers, sledge hammers, mallets & machinist hammers.


Cordless drills are deemed to be one of the most versatile hand tools in the workshop. Apart from being used for drilling into a number of materials, they can be appended with a screwdriver attachment to make driving screws into wood easy and quick. Since they are cordless, they won’t thwart your mobility. Corded drills have the disadvantage of the cord that limits your movement, but they are available in strengths and torque greater than their cordless counterparts.


An adjustable wrench is an indispensable tool when working around the house, as well as for working in the shop or on set of wheels. Mechanism of wrenches is pretty plain-sailing though, the open end of the wrench adjusts by rotating a threaded adjuster, and the wrenches themselves are available in a wide variety of overall sizes. Open-end wrenches are available in incremental sizes, and are open at both ends. Box wrenches are available in the same size increments, and are closed at both ends.

If you are looking for hand tools, we would actually deem you lucky as you’ve arrived at the right place! We’ve stocked a wide variety of hand tools and power tools, best regarding your diverse requirements.

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