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Tablets or Laptops – What Should You Buy?

Tablets have become quite popular owing to their great portability, easy to use interfaces and the wide range of applications they can be used for. Tablets have actually proved to be of great convenience, and the best ones can almost replace a laptop for someone that is always on the go! However, even after numerous benefits, can tablets completely expunge laptops out of our lives? After all, laptops can also be extremely portable and have a much wider range of tasks they can be used for.

In this article, we’ll talk about, and compare the various differences between tablets and laptops, and see how they fare when pitched head-on against each other! We are doing this to give you a much clearer understanding of which of these mobile computing platforms will serve you better. Read on!

Input Method

If we talk about tangible difference, then the most obvious one is a keyboard. Tablets rely solely on a touchscreen interface for all input, while on the contrary laptops are equipped with a track-pad, and a keyboard for all their input operations.

If your job revolves mainly around pointing, dragging or tapping to navigate around a program, then we would suggest you go with a tablet; however, if you write a lot, it is more pragmatic to stick with a laptop, as a virtual keyboard is no match against a physical one!

Moreover, you cannot rule out typing completely! Sooner or later you’ll found yourself in a situation where you’ll be required to write an email, or a document. Virtual keyboard have varying designs and layouts, and the keys aren’t adequately spaced, leading to frequent typos and errors, which shoots up writing time.

However, the market is filled to the brim with detachable keyboards for tablets, but they still severely fall short of a laptop experience because of their smaller size, and restricted designs.


Laptops for those who write a lot and tablets for those who do more point interaction

Battery Life

Tablets are designed as such that they consume low power, and perform operations with optimum efficiency. In fact, the majority of a tablet’s hardware consists of the battery. On the other hand, laptops use more powerful hardware. The battery component of the laptop is a far smaller percentage of the laptops internal components. This implies that even if equipped with a higher capacity battery, they won’t last as long as a tablet.

Talking about the usage in hours, a tablet may run upto 10 hours, even after heavy web usage before requiring a charge. While an average laptop would only run for roughly 5-6 hours, which is almost half of what tablets run for.

This means that tablets can achieve all day usage which is next to impossible for a laptop to achieve.




Since most tablets are based on extremely low powered processors, they will generally fall short of the lightning speed and performance offered by laptops when it comes to computing tasks. Even in general, laptops are perceived to be more hard core computing and programming devices as they are used extensively to develop and implement codes, software testing, gaming and for basic business functions, such as word & excel.

Moreover, for multitasking and other more demanding tasks, laptops are better suited, however not always.



As it stands, laptops still offer better flexibility than tablets, and if the gadget will be your stand-alone device, then a laptop is definitely the way to go!

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