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7 Essential Power Tools you need for any DIY project

Whether you wish to spruce up that mundane dull corner of your living room or helping your kid with his science project you are definitely going to need one or the other power tool to do up your Do-It-Yourselfer. Therefore, Moglix has made a quick reference list of Power Tools to get you fully prepped up to finish your DIY project.

1. Nail Gun: A nail gun has to be the first choice of power tool that you will need for any metal work, woodwork or to frame any two materials together tightly with nails. Nail guns are very handy for neat precision work in just a few minutes and will definitely make your life much easier with its speed and accuracy.

2. Multi- purpose Cordless Dremel Rotary Tool: The next tool on the list is hands down Dremel tool which can be used in many ways for grinding, sanding, drilling, sawing, sharpening, carving and polishing as well. This power tool comes with various kinds of blades that accomplish a variety of tasks backed by the powerful torque of the rotary tool.

3. Cordless Impact Drill: This is one tool which will never go unused and you don’t necessarily have to be a big time Do-It-Yourselfer to get one of these. Impact drills are very useful to drive screws through heavy solid materials like wood while at the same time hammering them down into the metal or wood with a focused powerful torque. Hence the name impact drill. This drill works both as a hammer and a cordless drill.

4. Miter Saw: If you are into the woodwork and like to renovate doorways or spaces with beautifully carved wooden frames then you will absolutely love to own a Miter Saw. The 10-inch miter saw will not only help you to cut through large thick pieces of wood in just a few seconds but will also allow you to achieve clean accurately cut items. This tool will not only help you to build that perfect wooden frame for your brand new LED Television but will also save plenty of time and effort you would have made otherwise.

5. 5-inch Sander: Once you have put together a DIY project you would definitely want it to have a smooth glossy finish. A sanding machine will help you to achieve just that. Sanders typically come with a disc which fills out any uneven gorges on the wooden or stone surface and moves in circular motions adding a silky glossy finish to your DIY project.

6. Paint Sprayer: Once we have built our DIY model it is time to give it a personality by dashing some color onto it and to do that all you need is a paint sprayer. Metallic colors come in small paint jars which can be attached to the sprayers also known as Siphon Guns. Once attached you can simply spray the paint onto your DIY project using the siphon gun which makes the whole painting task extremely convenient.

7. Heat Gun/ Circular Saw: No power tool kit is complete without a heat gun in it. Whether you are painting your house or cleaning your frozen deep freeze refrigerator. Heat guns prove useful in many tasks which involve heating any material like adhesives, strong wires, to strip paint or simply to thaw anything frozen.

The above-listed power tools are just icing on the cake if you are a true handyman. Write to us with what you would like to add as an essential power tool in your kit. Stay tuned for more!

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