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Garage Door Maintenance – A complete guide for beginners

The garage door is perhaps one of the largest doors that you can have within your property.  If you have a car you ought to have a garage to keep your vehicle safe, secure and clean. A solid garage door is one of the most important prerequisites for a well-equipped garage. Today we present you with some DIY tips and tools that you can easily procure to keep your garage door well maintained for many years to come.

Always check for any wear and tear

Sit inside your garage, close the garage door and observe. Look for any dents, scratches or cable cuts that may hinder the smooth opening and closing of the door. Tighten any loose nuts and bolts using a torque wrench or an electric screwdriver.

Chart a cleaning routine

Wash and clean your garage door with a mild detergent or soap. Use a cleaning brush to gently scrub out any dirt. Prevent your door from getting corroded through the application of a steel scrubber. Good quality steel scrubbers are easily available in any hardware store or online. These remove rust from the surface of any material through a simple scrubbing action. Smoothen the area with a sander and voila your metal becomes to make it look as good as new.

Lubricate anything that moves

Oil and grease any moving elements of your garage door. From latches to hinges ensure that everything is well oiled for the smooth functioning of your mounted door. You can also use an anti-rust oil which will have a dual purpose. It will grease and prevent the hinges and latches from any rust or corrosion.

Analyse your garage door’s movement

Look for any imbalance while your door moves in an upward and downward motion. Look for any irregularities especially when you leave the door halfway open. A well operational safe garage door will remain halfway opened easily without any assistance however if the door starts pulling down or goes back up suddenly. Consider calling a professional as there could be something wrong with the cables.


While it is imperative to have a strong well lubricated secure garage door, it also must complement your house. Garage doors don’t have to look boring and only functional. Give it a nice appearance by painting it with some interesting colours and install a fancy lift handle or two just to add to the whole look plus it will have its own utility as well.

Above is a handy checklist to keep your garage door going for years without hassles. Do share your handy tips and tricks to keep the giant door in a perfect shape.

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