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Car Floor Mats

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Car Mats: A Necessity for Every Car

Car mats are very essential for every car owner. These mats help to keep the car clean. Every time you step into your car there is a lot of dirt and dust in your shoes that can make your car dirty. No one wants to enter a dirty car. To protect your car’s interior from this dirt, car mats are very important. These mats are made of synthetic or textile, such as cotton, etc. They usually have grooves or spokes in them to prevent any dirt and water trapped in them from escaping to the sides. Car mats are easily removable and can be dusted easily on a daily basis to give your car a cleaner look from inside.

Features that Make these Mats Special

Vehicle Brand - There is a difference in car mats for every brand on the road. These mats are versatile and are of the best quality.

Vehicle Model - There are so many car modes available in the market. Buying a specific car mat for your vehicle model is simplified with online shopping.

Material - Whether it is a leather car mat, or vinyl 3D car mat, or even fabric mat, there is a large range of materials to choose from. With these mats online in materials like cotton, EVA, fabric, leather, etc. you can easily pick the car mat that is most apt for your car.

Types of Car Mats - Innovation leads to ease of use. Innovation in the car industry has ensured that apart from the standard mats that you use, now you have 3D and 5D mats for a car that makes it easier to trap dirt and water on the mat.

Buy the Best Brands of Car Mats Online

Autofurnish is a well-known brand in the manufacturing of car accessories. They present an exclusive range of advanced and good quality mats that are easy to install and are very effective.

Love4Ride manufactures the best quality interior car accessories that are available in the best price range. These products are of very good quality and are durable and reliable.

Oscar is a renowned brand that manufactures the best quality car mats that are available online at the best price. Oscar mats are of superior quality and it will last for longer.

Why Buy Car Foot Mats Online at Moglix?

At Moglix we have plenty of options for car mats. Your local store will not be able to match the plethora of options for car mats available on our website. The range of these mats online caters to every vehicle manufacturer. On our website, we have mats for the different models of a single car. You can buy these products online easily by comparing the prices and choose the best quality at the best price for yourself. We believe in delivering the best quality to our customers and for that, we do the proper quality test before delivering any product to the customers. You can also choose the best-suited payment mode on our website at your convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions about Car Floor Mats

How do I choose a car mat?

Select a product with high margins around the rim so that spilled liquid as well as more particles will be collected. The ridges and grooves on some floor mats push fluids away from the driver's foot. The last thing you want to do is purchase a mat that moves around and makes it difficult to use the pedals while driving.

Which are the best car mats rubber or carpet?

The use of rubber floor mats is advised. This is simply because they are more resilient, nearly stain-proof, and better at shielding the carpet below. However, carpet mats look nicer and are still simple to maintain.

Car Floor Mats - Price Range

Car Floor MatsMin PriceMax Price
Oscar Car Floor Mats₹958₹4638
Love4ride Car Floor Mats₹574₹1045
Elegant Car Floor Mats₹1420₹6512
AllExtreme Car Floor Mats₹1076₹2339
This data was last updated on 2/1/23.