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Five Electronic Appliances You Must Have in Summers; Buy from Moglix

With every passing year, the intensity of heat is increasing and also the troubles that we face in our daily lives. The excruciating heat is troubling us and has made our day to day activities very difficult.

No matter if you are in the office or your home, the heat, burning sun will make sure that you feel roasted. However, there are a few electronics when accommodated in our life, can make it easy and give relief from the heat and Sun. Some of such electronics include:


Refrigerators are not only the necessity of today’s modern life but also ensure that we beat the heat with a continuous supply of chilled water and ice. Nowadays, refrigerators are getting smarter and offer better technologies. Along with preserving food and cooling water, you can find refrigerators with amazing features like quick freeze, larger storage space, frost free, multiple doors, etc.

There are a few things that you should consider before buying a refrigerator:

  • Decide what type of refrigerator you require. There are umpteen types of refrigerators available in the market. Find the right configuration and choose one accordingly.
  • As per usage, decide the capacity of the refrigerator.  One door fridge would be feasible for 2 to 3 people. But for more than 4 people, a large size refrigerator would be needed.
  • Also, Check the latest features. Take a good look at the refrigerator and decide what features you want.

Air Conditioners

During this summer season, the best electronic item can you can vouch for you is an air conditioner. Air conditioners maintain the room temperature even up to 18 degrees, giving a feeling of a hill station. Today, you will not find a single building with an air conditioner – that is the power and need for air conditioners.  AIr conditioners are life, especially in summers, however, choosing the right one suiting your requirement is a daunting task. There are various types of air conditioners available in the market. It only depends on the requirements that which kind of AC is useful. Check the types of ACs here:

Window AC: Window Air Conditioner is the most commonly used AC in India. As the name suggests, It is installed inside a window. It is more energy efficient than other air conditioners.

Split AC: It is usually mounted on the wall. It has two parts, an outdoor unit (compressor, condenser and expansion valve) and an indoor unit (evaporator or cooling coil and cooling fan). Split AC works silently and is the best option for large rooms.

Portable AC: It is a free-standing and easy-to-move model. It works by pulling heat air and moisture in and producing cool air. Its installation is a bit easy and maintenance cost is less.

Air Purifiers

With heat, air pollution also increases and makes it difficult for us to breathe, leave alone the fresh air. However, not anymore. Moglix offers a wide range of Top-brand air purifiers at affordable costs. Also, known as air cleaner, the device removes the impurities of the air and improves its quality. An air purifier is a device that is affixed to an air handler unit (AHU) mainly found in medical and commercial industries. Air purifiers also reduce allergic conditions, alleviates asthma attacks, tackle tobacco smoke, and removes external fumes.


During summers, power cuts are very frequent, and without a fan or an AC, life becomes miserable. In such situations, inverters come as our rescuer. An inverter works as a stand-alone unit that supplies power back up with the help of batteries. It converts DC voltage into AC voltage. At the time of power cut, an inverter is used to run other electronic devices such as televisions, lights, kitchen appliances, and many more. It is a very important device so, there are a few tips to consider while buying it:

  • Check your power consumption. Determine the energy efficiency and usage before buying one.
  • To buy inverter online, you can visit moglix.com and read the reviews and ratings. After comparing the reviews, you can buy one from the best brand.
  • Also, understand the VA rating that an inverter requires.

Fans & Blowers

Fans and blowers provide air ventilation. We often use these terms interchangeably but they are different from each other. Fans are the machines that move fluid or air while blowers are used to move air at moderate pressure. There are various types of fans available like ventilation fans, cooling fans, ceiling fans, pedestal fans, wall mounted fans, axial fans, and tables. Blowers can be classified into two major types such as centrifugal blowers and positive displacement blowers. As per different types, they are used in different industries.

These are five common electronic devices that everyone must have and seek relief from the heat. To buy the best electronic appliances online, browse through our website moglix.com. Moglix offers a vast range of electronic products of the best brands such as Godrej, Aerostar, Bajaj, Blur Star, Eagle, Genius, Havells, Hitachi, Honeywell, LG, Max Star, Orpat, and many more.

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