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Aquaguard for Healthy and Hygienic Water Supply

The premium and elegant series of water purifiers feature Universal, RO, and UV technology that works with all types of water. Over 15 million moms have put their trust in Aquaguard. Women are picky for their families, and these 15 million mothers blindly trust Aquaguard water purifiers for their effectiveness and safety. They have over 21 different technologies to deal with 21 different water problems across the country. Over 135 major national and international laboratories have tested and verified them.

Variety of Aquaguards and Their Features

Aquaguard 200:

Aquaguard 200 is equipped with worldwide water filtration technology, ensuring that you drink safe water that meets IS requirements and is free of harmful water-borne diseases. You can trust Aquaguard to safeguard you and your staff while ensuring a safe and productive work environment just by looking at its superior features.

  • --> Built-in Safety Mechanism: If purification isn't complete, the water flow is stopped instantly.

  • --> Water Flows Against Gravity: Water flows against gravity to ensure that it spends as much time as possible in the purification chamber.

  • --> Water retains its natural quality: All of the natural salts and minerals are retained without using iodine or other chemicals.

  • --> 3-Stage Purification Process: Sediment Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, and Ultra-Violet Treatment are effective three-stage purification processes.

  • --> After-Sales Services At Your Doorstep: After-sales service that is prompt and backed up by an expert service team.

Aquaguard Cooler cum Purifier:

Hotels, hospitals, and schools will benefit from these water purifiers. It has a 3-stage purification process and a 40-litre-per-hour capacity.

  • --> Decide on the temperature: You have the option of having chilled or room-temperature water.

  • --> Water retains its natural quality: All of the natural salts and minerals in the water are retained without using iodine or other chemicals.

  • --> Purification processes: Sediment Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, and Ultra-Violet Treatment are all effective 3-stage purification processes.

  • --> Last Point Purification: The Water is first cooled, then cleansed, ensuring no contamination risk.

  • --> Built-in Safety Mechanism: If purification is still not complete, the water supply is suspended.

  • --> Doorstep Services: You may expect rapid service after-sales from a team of experts.

Aquaguard Skid Mounted RO Plant:

Skid-mounted reverse osmosis plants are developed and built to provide water suited for various applications and industrial processes. They're perfect for small hotels, schools/institutions, nursing homes, businesses, and light industries.

  • --> Pre-assembled, pre-piped, and pre-wired.

  • --> MCB is used to protect plants.

  • --> Microprocessor-based control panel with built-in process logic for ease of use.

  • --> A high-pressure pump has built-in protection in the form of a low-pressure/high-pressure switch.

  • --> The high-pressure pump is made of stainless steel 304 construction.

  • --> Permeate flow is measured using an online rota-meter.

  • --> Glycerin-filled stainless steel pressure gauges for long-term use.

  • --> They automatically start and stop depending on the level of water in the tank.

  • --> A raw water pump has been added to the plant.

  • --> A blending cartridge is provided to adjust taste and TDS, followed by ultraviolet disinfection for complete safety.

  • --> Pressure gauges and an integrated pre-treatment module for the removal of suspended particles.

  • --> Filter backwashing is provided as part of the premium range.

  • --> They have GE Membranes / Hydranautics Membranes.

  • --> They have MS skid with PU coating and plated hardware.

Aquaguard Pure Chill Storage with Cooler (RO/UV):

These Pure Chill Storage Coolers cum Water Purifiers by Aquaguard is India’s one-of-a-kind cooling and storage system of water. It uses advanced technology to ensure that the water you drink is not only chilled but also completely safe.

  • --> Last-mile purification: o ensure that you have 100 percent safe drinking water, the water is filtered, chilled, and purified at the outlet using innovative, internationally proven ultraviolet technology, which eliminates the possibility of recontamination.

  • --> Powerful Cooling System: The Aquaguard Pure Chill's powerful cooling system cools effectively and quickly. There's also the option of using room temperature water.

  • --> Large Storage Capacity: The Aquaguard Pure Chill's innovative design allows it to store water, effectively meeting your organisation’s daily drinking water needs.

  • --> Purification Process Sediment Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, and Ultraviolet Treatment are all part of a three-stage purification process.

  • --> Larger Membrane & Capacity: The Aquaguard Pure Chill 80 PSS offers a high capacity purification and storage membrane. It is constructed with unique membrane parts that create higher-quality treated water more quickly and consistently. A huge stainless steel tank of 80 liters is also present to keep the same.

  • --> Nano Silver Leaching is Microbiologically Potable: The RO System makes water both chemically and microbiologically potable by lowering hardness and waterborne microorganisms. The innovative internationally established Nano Silver Leaching purification leaves no opportunity for recontamination at the outlet, ensuring safe drinking water.

  • --> Self-Cleaning System: By flushing the membrane every hour, this system ensures exceptional and effective functioning.

  • --> Powerful Cooling Technology: Aquaguard Pure Chill's powerful cooling system cools effectively and quickly.

Aquaguard Hot N Cold (RO+UV) Water Purifier:

Whether it's a cup of hot water for tea or a glass of chilled water, your employees will have access to water at their preferred temperature, as well as the assurance that the water they're consuming is pure and safe.

  • --> Water storage capacity is high, ensuring a steady supply of freshwater.

  • --> For ease of use, there is a drip tray.

  • --> TDS levels in the water are reduced, and fluorides and other pollutants are removed while the natural taste of the water is preserved.

  • --> BioCote is an antimicrobial that inhibits the growth of microorganisms on the product's surface.

  • --> Additional water is stored in a gravity-fed storage tank: Ideal for places where the water supply might be disrupted.

  • --> UV in the tank purifies the water and eliminates hazardous germs and viruses.

Buy Aquaguard Water Purifier Online:

Aquaguard is a one-stop store that caters to all of your water filtration requirements. They also provide unique water filtration and treatment solutions to meet your specific needs. Their well-trained installation crews are located across the country and offer year-round life-cycle support. So go online and get your water purifier to stay healthy and safe. Hurry up and order now!