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Buy the Best Tachometer Online from Moglix

A tachometer is an instrument that measures the rotation speed of a shaft or disk in motor or other machines. The word tachometer is derived from a Greek word that means Speed Measure. This device displays the revolutions per minute and works on the principle of a tachometer generator that means a motor is operated as a generator. A tachometer is also known as the revolution counter and its principle can be electromagnetic, electronic, and optical-based. The specifications of this tool are power, accuracy, RPM range, measurement, and display. You can find different types of tachometers in the market like digital and analog indicating meters.

What are the different types of Tachometers

Contact Type Digital Tachometer: This tachometer stays in contact with the rotating shaft. This tachometer is generally fixed to the machine or electric motor. Contact type digital tachometers also have a magnetic sensor to measure the RPM.

Non-Contact Type Digital Tachometer: Those tachometers which do not need any physical contact with the rotating shift are known as non-contact digital tachometers. These contactless meters have a laser or optical disk attached to the shift and can read the IR beam.

Time Measurement Digital Tachometer: This tachometer calculates the time interval between incoming pulses. This tachometer is independent of the speed measurement and more accurate for measuring low speed.

Frequency Measurement Digital Tachometer: This tachometer measures the frequency of the pulses. It is designed by using a red LED and it depends on the rotating shaft. For measuring high speed, this one is the best option.

Best Brands of Tachometer Available at Moglix

Extech was established in the late 90s. This brand manufactures the best products in the market. Their tachometers are manufactured under industry standards.

Fluke is a leading company that is associated with manufacturing, distribution, and service of electronic test tools, biomedical equipment, and networking solutions. They offer a great range of tachometers that are perfect for professionals.

Lutron is a well-known company that offers a vast range of hand and power tools. Their tachometers are one of the most reliable and durable products in the market.

Why Buy Digital RPM Meter Online from Moglix?

Moglix is an e-commerce company that is a perfect solution to get industrial products. We offer genuine products, easy returns, cash on delivery. On our website, you can find high performance measuring instruments that are suitable for professionals.

Top Selling Tachometers Price List in India

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