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Kusam Meco Km-2234Bl Non-Contact Digital Tachometer (5 To 999999 rpm)
4.2 (19 Reviews)
By: Kusam Meco
₹5,0451% OFF
  • It has Exclusive one chip of Microcomputer LSI Circuit

  • Digital Tachometer uses latest technology for accurate measurements

Testo 460 Optical RPM Measurement Tachometer Range 100 to 29999 RPM
4.1 (10 Reviews)
By: Testo
₹18,53911% OFF
  • Display light.

  • Incl. calibration protocol.

Mextech DT-2234C Non Contact Digital Tachometer, Range: 2.5-99999 rpm
3.8 (5 Reviews)
By: Mextech
₹1,27513% OFF
  • The Last Value/ Max Value/ Min Value Will be Automatically

  • Testing Parameters : Rpm, M/Min, Ft/Min

Metravi NCTM-1000 Digital Non-Contact Tachometer cum Digital Counter 2-99999 RPM
4.5 (2 Reviews)
By: Metravi
₹5,06326% OFF
  • Uses the CPU Technique, Photo-Electrical Technique & Junction Laser Technique

  • Non-Contact Type Tachometer & Counter

Moglix Insights

Top 1 price range of Tachometers

100% of users prefer Tachometers in price range of ₹1000-₹2000

Moglix Insights

Top 3 brands of Tachometers

50% of users prefer Tachometers of Real Instruments brand

40% of users prefer Tachometers of Mextech brand

10% of users prefer Tachometers of Nutan brand

Kusam Meco KM-2235B Contact Type Digital Tachometer
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Kusam Meco
₹4,10113% OFF
  • Display: 5 Digits, 10mm LCD Display with Function Annunciation

  • Sampling Time: 1 sec (Over 60 rpm), Test Range: Autoranging

HTC DT-2229 Digital Stroboscope Stroboscope 50 to 20000 FPM
  • Used to set the ignition timing of internal combustion engines.

  • Comes with ranges: H, M, L (High, Medium, Low).

Lutron DT-2259 Digital Tachometer Stroboscope Range 100 to 100000 FPM/RPM
4.2 (5 Reviews)
By: Lutron
₹32,84435% OFF
Metravi DT-2235 Digital Contact Tachometer 60-50000 RPM
4.5 (2 Reviews)
By: Metravi
₹4,04326% OFF
Testo 460 Optical RPM Measurement (Tachometer)
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Testo
₹18,5399% OFF
  • Easy-to-read display / backlit for use in all lighting conditions

  • Led measuring spot marking

Mextech DT-2235 Digital Tachometer, Range: 0.5-19999 rpm
  • Surface Speed: 0.05-1999.9 m/min

  • Detector type laser

Nutan DT2234C+ Digital Laser Photo Tachometer for RPM Testing
  • Wide Measuring Range & High Resolution Gives You Accurate Rotational

  • Automatically Record the Max Value, Min Value & Last Value,...

Lutron DT-2235B Contact Tachometer
4.0 (1 Review)
By: Lutron
₹11,00013% OFF
Lutron DT-2234B Photo Tachometer Typical max. 300 mm/12 inch
Metravi Tachometer (Non Contact type) Calibrator, CE-0102TMC
Mextech DT?2235 Display - 5 Digits, 18 mm Digital Tachometer
Kusam Meco KM-2235B Contact Type Digital Tachometer Range 5 to 999.9 RPM
Lutron DT-2239A Digital Stroboscope Stroboscope 100 to 10000 RPM
CETPAR DT-2235A Contact Tachometer Surface Speed Meter 0.5-19999 RPM
Precise TM-801 Non Contact Tachometer Range 50 to19999 RPM
Metrix+4005 Digital Tachometer
By: Metrix+
Available on Request
  • Linear Rolling speed: 0.05-1999.9 m/min

  • Contact: 2.5-19999 rpm

Uni-T UT-372 Non Contact Tachometer Range 10-99999 RPM
By: Uni-t
Available on Request
Cetpar DT-2235A Contact Tachometer Surface Speed Meter
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Cetpar
Available on Request
  • Auto-Switch range select

  • Memory: Max. Value, Min. value, Last value

Lutron Non Contact LCD Tachometer, DT-2234C
4.5 (4 Reviews)
By: Lutron
Available on Request
  • Max Photo Tacometer Range: 99,999 rpm

  • Test Range selection: Automatic with detecting distance of 50 to

Real Instruments Digital Non Contact Tachometer, DT-2234C
By: Real Instruments
Available on Request
MECO-G R-2034A 5 Digits Non Contact Digital Tachometers
By: Meco-g
Available on Request
Extech Mini Laser Photo Tachometer Counter, 461920
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Extech
Available on Request
  • Counter function counts up to 99,999 revolutions

  • Memory button holds last reading and recalls min/max readings

Cetpar DT-2234C Laser Photo Tachometer
4.7 (7 Reviews)
By: Cetpar
Available on Request
  • 6 MHz Quartz Crystal time base

  • Memory: Max. Value, Min. value, Last value

Kusam Meco KM-2240 Non Contact Stroboscope Range 600 to 40000RPM
4.0 (5 Reviews)
By: Kusam Meco
Available on Request
Precise TM-802 Contact Tachometer Range 50 to 19999 RPM
By: Precise
Available on Request
Uni-T UT372 Digital Tachometers Multimeter, TECH2272
By: Uni-t
Available on Request
  • Auto Power Off & Laser Pointer

  • Data Hold, Low Power Consumption

Extech Photo Tachometer, 461893
5.0 (1 Review)
By: Extech
Available on Request
  • Built-in memory recalls last MAX/MIN value stored

  • Autoranging with 0.05% accuracy

Ruoshui 6234P Laser Digital Tachometer
By: Ruoshui
Available on Request
  • Measure RPM & Surface Speed with Laser Detection Method

  • Max/Min Value Display, Data Store, Auto Range & Low Battery

Beetech HTM 590 Tachometer Range 60 to 500000 RPM
By: Beetech
Available on Request
MECO-G R-2241A 5 Digits Non Contact Digital Tachometers
By: Meco-g
Available on Request
  • Long life, Hardened Body Structure, Easy to Operate & Labelled

CEM AT-5 Engine Tachometer Range 100 to 20000 RPM
4.3 (10 Reviews)
By: Cem
Available on Request
System Contact Tachometer, HTM-590
4.7 (3 Reviews)
By: System
Available on Request
Real Instruments 2.5-99999rpm Digital Laser Tachometer, DT-2234C+
4.6 (5 Reviews)
By: Real Instruments
Available on Request
  • Hassle Free Results & Precise Readings

Ruoshui 6235P Contact Digital Tachometer
By: Ruoshui
Available on Request
  • Measure RPM & Surface Speed, with Laser Detection & Contact

  • Max/Min Value Display, Data Store, Auto Range & Low Battery

Metrix+ DT 2234B Digital Tachometer
By: Metrix+
Available on Request
Metrix+ TM 4005 Digital Tachometer
By: Metrix Plus
Available on Request
  • Linear Rolling speed: 0.05-1999.9 m/min

  • Sampling Frequency: 0.8 Sec

Shop for the Best Tachometers at Wholesale Prices

A tachometer is a device used to gauge the speed at which an engine or other rotating machinery is spinning. Usually, it shows how many revolutions per minute (RPM) the engine or other machinery is turning. Digital tachometers are typically located on the dashboard of cars next to the speedometer. In order to help the driver monitor the engine's RPM and shift gears at the appropriate time for the best performance, they are frequently included in sports cars and other performance-oriented vehicles. Tachometers can also be used for other purposes, such as monitoring the speed of production machines or other machinery in manufacturing or industrial environments.


At Moglix, consumers can buy tachometer RPMs from top brands such as Extech, Fluke, Lutron, Uni-T, HTC, and more at affordable prices.


Types of Digital Tachometers to Choose From


Contact Tachometers:


  • Contact tachometers must make physical touch with the rotating object to measure the RPM.
  • Depending on the model, they either use a magnetic sensor or an optical encoder to function.
  • These contact tachometers require direct contact with the rotating shaft or component to get a precise reading.


Non-Contact Tachometers:


  • Non-contact tachometers can take readings without coming into contact with the object directly. 
  • They frequently use lasers or infrared light and are best used with dangerous, difficult to reach, or moving things.


Laser Tachometers:


  • Laser tachometers are able to directly read the RPM of a revolving object by using a laser found at the end of the instrument. 
  • These are a kind of non-contact tachometer that are perfect for usage in hard-to-reach places, like confined spaces, or when operating industrial machinery. 
  • Laser tachometers have different detection distances depending on the model, but 1-2m is the industry standard.


Optical Tachometers:


  • An optical sensor is a component of optical tachometers, and it is used to gauge the rotational speed of a wheel, motor, or shaft. 
  • They can measure any variations in the reflected light frequency while measuring the RPM using a laser or light beam.


Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Tachometers Online

Compatibility: The first thing to consider when buying a tachometer is whether it is compatible with the engine or machinery you will be using it with. For example, some tachometers are designed specifically for gasoline engines, while others are designed for diesel engines. 


Accuracy: The accuracy of the instrument will determine how precise the readings are, which is especially important if you need to monitor RPMs for precision purposes, such as in scientific or manufacturing applications. Look for a tachometer that offers high accuracy in its readings, ideally with a margin of error of no more than 1%.


Display: Some models have analog dials, while others have digital readouts. Analog dials are typically easier to read at a glance, but digital readouts can be more precise and offer additional features, such as the ability to store and recall readings. Consider the size and brightness of the display, as well as any additional features that may be useful to you.


Range: Make sure that the range of RPMs that the tachometer can measure is appropriate for the engine or machinery you will be using it with. For example, if you are monitoring the RPMs of a high-performance sports car, you will need a tachometer with a higher range than if you are monitoring the RPMs of a small industrial engine.


Installation: Some tachometer RPMs may require professional installation, while a DIYer can install others. Make sure that the tachometer comes with all the necessary mounting hardware and instructions, and that it can be easily installed in the location where you want to use it.

Brands That Sell High-Quality Tachometer RPMs at Reasonable Prices

Extech Tachometers:


  • Extech tachometers are known for their high accuracy, with many models offering a margin of error of less than 0.05%. 
  • This makes them ideal for precision applications where accurate RPM readings are critical.
  • They offer a wide range of tachometers online allowing consumers to choose according to their needs.


Fluke Tachometers:


  • Fluke tachometers are manufactured to be easy to use, with intuitive controls and clear displays. 
  • Many of their models feature large LCD screens with backlighting, making them easy to read in any lighting conditions.
  • They are built to last as they are made from the best materials.


Lutron Tachometers:


  • Lutron Tachometers are known for their high accuracy and reliable performance, essential for precisely measuring rotational speed.
  • Made with premium components and tough construction that can resist demanding situations, Lutron tachometers are designed to last.


Uni-T Tachometers:


  • Uni-T Tachometers are a reliable and accurate tool for measuring RPM and are a great investment for anyone who needs to measure the speed of rotating equipment on a regular basis.
  • Their tachometers are versatile and can be used to measure the rotational speed of a wide range of rotating objects, including motors, fans, generators, and other equipment.


You can also buy high quality digital tachometers from other top brands such as Real Instruments, Meco, System, CEM, Testo, Metraci, Cetpar, and more at Moglix.


Moglix Offers Reliable and Economical Tachometers

Moglix offers a wide selection of tachometers from various brands with different features and price points. Here you can buy the best digital tachometers from the best brands at wholesale prices. The site's easy navigation helps you have a seamless shopping experience. We work towards providing you with quality tachometers that undergo quality checks before they are shipped out for delivery. Visit Moglix.com to shop for long lasting tachometer RPMs and avail discounts on bulk purchases.


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Frequently Asked Questions about Tachometers

What does a tachometer sensor mean?

A tachometer is a sensor device that monitors rotational moments. This device is most commonly installed in the engine shaft in a car and is usually restricted to mechanical or electrical instruments.

Is a tachometer a speed sensor?

Yes, tachometers are used to measure the speed of the rotational devices. This electromagnetic device produces an analog voltage which is proportional to motor speed.