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Lloyd - A Havells Brand

Lloyd has carved its image as a trusted brand across India with its high-quality products and is also known for its excellent customer service. It brings a smile to over 3 million customers and continuously evolving with new-age innovative solutions. Lloyd is a pioneer in manufacturing home appliances that include air conditioners, LED TVs, washing machines and more. Excellent performance drives this brand and has earned the confidence of experts and customers alike by providing distinctive customer service.

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Lloyd offers a range of innovative air conditioners under two categories: split air conditioners and window air conditioners that promise a unique air conditioning experience. These ACs come with a 1-year product warranty & 5-year compressor warranty and are equipped with an Intelligent central digital dynamic LED display indicates the operation status. The features like dust filter, robust dehumidifier, etc. deliver pleasant experience and good night sleep. It uses multiple filters for clean air and blocks even the finest impurities (PM 2.5). Strong dehumidifiers regulate the level of humidity in the air for a comfortable environment.

Save Power and Be More Efficient

These ACs are based on the non-inverted split system and use R-32 as refrigerant gas type. It supports two-way swing and is electrically efficient with the minimal power consumption of 1520 watts. It comes with a 100% copper heat exchanger, which makes it quite durable and lower maintenance cost. It is suitable for large or medium size rooms.

Lloyd ACs are specially designed to incorporate features like Wi-Fi control, 4D air suction and available in various capacities to meet your requirements. BLDC Motor in Lloyd ACs gives power-packed performance by consuming less power, and it is around 30% more efficient than conventional motors. Thus, enjoy a cool company with Lloyd ACs while paying less electricity bill.

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Lloyd offers high-end full HD 3D televisions, which eliminates or reduces cross-color interferes and gives a more precise and sharper video picture. 'A' grade certified panel used in the screen provides a real-time view. Lloyd Televisions add beauty to your home with its compact and sleek design. User has the option to decor their home to the fullest and choose a size that fits the allocated space. These TVs equip with great audio systems with auto volume regulators that allow users to hear & feel even the slightest of sounds transparently. Cater to all your entertainment needs with Lloyd TVs, and you will never have a dull moment again.

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