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Television: Best Innovation for Entertainment!

A television commonly known as TV is a device that has a display, tuner, and speaker to fulfill the purpose of viewing televisions. It receives broadcasting signals and turns them into pictures and sound. Prior to the invention of mobile devices and laptops, the entertainment needs were fulfilled by one device that is TV. It can show pictures from many television networks. Earlier all the TV sets had an antenna, but as the technology grew so the televisions became more advanced. Now there are large varieties of televisions available from flat screen to a smart TV, you can get any of them as per your need.

The Most Commonly used TVs Available at Moglix!

Flat screen TVs are the most commonly used, the days are gone when large bulky TVs were seen in the homes. In this modern world, everyone is looking for a compact device that is easy to maintain and has an amazing design with great features. Flat screen TV has proven to be everyone’s favorite. There are different types of flat screen TV available in the market these days -


LCD screen TVs are one of the most commonly used TV. LCD, also known as Liquid Crystal Display is a thin screen that can block light or allow it to pass. Its panel is made up of segments that are filled with liquid crystals. These televisions are the most widely manufactured and sold appliances.


LED TV is the upgraded version of LCD TV. It uses the light emitting diode to backlight the display instead of cold cathode fluorescent lights. These TV uses less power and produces less heat than LCD and plasma. It has a brighter and sharper display and better contrast ratio.

Buy best Televisions at an Affordable Price Range

If you are looking for the best TV online at an affordable range, Moglix being the best e-retailer company has a wide range of televisions with them from some best brands.

Intex - It is one of India’s leading privately held company which has a strong presence in customer durables. Their television set has a good picture and sound quality and you can buy the TV at an affordable range.

Samsung TV - They manufacture TVs with extra power for a great multimedia experience. Their televisions have the latest technology and you can experience high definition picture quality.

Can Smart TV work without Wi-Fi connection?

If the TV comes sans in-built Wi-Fi connectivity but supports mirroring, you can enjoy the internet even without Wi-Fi.

Which TV resolution is best?

TV resolution with 1280x720 pixel is an ideal one. However, you can choose 1920x1080 pixels, 2560x1440 pixels, 3840x2160 pixels. The picture quality depends on the pixels. More the pixels better picture quality.